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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrating One Year of Marriage!

One year ago today(8/2/08), I married my best friend. We had a long engagement, and that day couldn't have been more amazing! It was great to get to see my 2 years of planning culminate into one day. There isn't anything I wouldn't change about it (except for the fact that I would've given anything to have our two friends that had passed away that year there with us). I remember in the morning... These very dark, black clouds filled the sky while we were getting our hair and make up done. All I could do was pray to my angels and ask them to bring us sunshine. Literally by the time we were dressed and ready to go take pictures, the sun was working it's way out and the ground had already started to dry(thank you Jessica and Ryan). By the time we got to church, the sky was blue and the weather was beautiful!! We had an amazing mass and reception surrounded by everyone we love. Today we celebrate by going to brunch at Perona Farms, where our reception was held. Although we won't be in the same room, and it's raining out so we won't be able to walk the grounds, it will still be nice to be THERE.

At PreCana last year, we had to write letters to each other that would be mailed to us by the church for our one year wedding anniversary. After mass this morning, we opened those letters. My eyes immediately filled with tears as I read the first paragraph he wrote to me. It was about certain frustrations I've been experiencing over the last several months. And it was nice to see his words of love. He's not a very mushy, sentimental, emotional person. Whereas I am completely the opposite! lol. But that's why we balance each other out SO well. I am a very lucky woman and have the best husband in the world. We have two pups that we love so very much, and each other. Hopefully soon God will fit children into our plan in life. Unfortunately that's something out of our control.

On this day, I remember.... being 20 pounds lighter (haha...hopefully I can get rid of that again), my beautiful dress, the look on my father's face when he saw me, seeing Ed up at the altar, saying our vows, enjoying our rolls royce ride to the reception and chatting, all the pictures, our AMAZING reception.... and every fun, sad, frustrating moment after that. This year has flown by, and I pray that God gives us many, many more years together to celebrate. I am so thankful for what I've got and who I've got in my life.

I thank Ed for his constant support, and willingness to always make me happy. He truly is an amazing person and I love spending my life with him.

Ed and Bobbi one year later:


  1. Dear Bobbi and Hubby, congratulaions on your anniversary. The wedding sounds like it was perfect in so many ways. Speaking from experience, your love and life together will only get better!

  2. Congrats!! You both look amazing!! I can't believe I just had my 4th wedding anniversary June 25th..Time goes sooo fast...