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Monday, August 10, 2009

First Big Cheerleading Bow Order is Complete!!!

So I've been working very diligently over the last week. And last night I FINALLY completed my first big order! This was a large cheerleading bow order. It was made for resale, so unfortunately, I'm not making as much on all of them as I would have if I sold them to the actual team myself. But I'm ok with that for my first one. I found that the bows themselves are easy to make per say, however tedious in the sense of trying to get them all to look exactly alike. I found that I would get too flustered if I was trying to perfect it all too much. So I did the best that I could and tried to keep all measurements the same (width of bow, length of tails, etc.). For my first batch of cheerleading bows, I think they came out quite nice! I hope the person I made them for to sell thinks the same!

Forty altogether were made. This picture is my first batch getting ready to be starched.

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