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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If You Blink You Will Miss It...

There are certain events that occur such as death, or birth of a baby, that change your life forever. It seems that moreso in the loss of a loved one is when we tend to take the time to step back and remember. It is then we realize how much we appreciate what we have. Why is that? Maybe it's where I live and the fact that everyone here is always in a rush. Constantly on the go. Stressed out over life situations. In fact... My sister in law and I went to a store today to look for something. We told the cashier we were in a rush. His response: "Everyone in NJ is always in a rush. I just moved here, and everyone is just moving way too fast." To that I almost responded... "I take it you haven't visited NYC yet." But I didn't. I said it was my company's fault for not giving a long enough lunch period, hence the need to rush. His comment of course striked up conversation for the ride back to work. He's absolutely right. We talked about how certain states/atmospheres create a different feeling. But unfortunately there are only certain events that occur that really make us stop and think about the things that are most important to us.

Tomorrow marks one year that a friend of ours passed away. He passed away two weeks before our wedding. He was the first person to respond. He continually talked about how much he couldn't wait for our wedding. His death was sudden and unexpected. Ryan was 29 years old. I have since reached out to his mother, and know that she is hurting so badly inside. She emailed me last month telling me that she was beside herself knowing that July was on its way. I've thought about him and his family constantly today. But it just got me thinking about the things that are going on in my life.

I've been so stressed for various reasons. There are things going on within my personal life and work life that just keep pulling me in various directions. My head feels like it's spinning out of control sometimes and all I feel like I can do is cry. (And I've got the zits to prove it) I pray about it all constantly. I really just want to feel relaxed and I know that it is all in God's hands. I know that what is meant to be, will be... yet I have these feelings and thoughts that are constantly weighing me down. Why is it that I just can't appreciate what I have in life? When ever I say my prayers the first thing I do is thank God for all that I am, all that I have, and everyone I love. I wish I could just push that negativity out of my mind.

My point of all of this is that it seems like when someone we care about passes away... that's when people truly appreciate what they have and those around them. Why does it take something like that to bring out such gracious feelings? In an attempt to be positive I will end with this....

I am a very fortunate person. I have a roof over my head. An amazing husband. Two very devoted pups. A job that pays the bills. I still have my brothers and my parents in my life, as well as my in laws. I have truly amazing friends. I truly am blessed. So now the trick is to figure out how to concentrate on what I have so I can stop dwelling on what I don't have or what I want...


  1. I am with you girl. I don't understand it either. It is like this constant chatter in the head. I do believe that we pick up on other peoples energies, unfortunately though it seems like it is the negative energy that seems to stick. I have found different things that help. It is just what ever mood I am in at the time. I do meditate (although not as regular as I should), I will pick up the Bible and start reading it. I try to make sure that I stop long enough to breath correctly. You would be amazed how shallow breathing can be a lot of the problem. I drink plenty of water, as crazy as that may sound, but you would be amazed at what starts happening when you are dehydrated. I believe that just realizing that something is not quite right can be the biggest hurdle because then you can take action to calm it down or change the mood at that moment. When all else fails I always turn to my tried and true affirmation: "Life if 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it".
    Take care, Susan

  2. Sad to hear you lost such a close friend. I agree, death seems to make people realize that there is way much more to life than just rushing through it... sometimes its good to just slow down and enjoy and be grateful for everything around you. ;)