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Monday, June 1, 2009

When frustrated its best to just walk away.

So I'm in need of time to make more bows. Time to expand my inventory and offer more. I've got a couple of friends that are willing to take pictures of their little darlings wearing my bows. So I need to make enough to be able to send out. I also need to make bows for a cousin's daughter's birthday party this weekend. It doesn't help that my husband/I have something pretty much every night this week. So tonight I sit down to make some headbands. I put together two gerbera daisies and attached them to clips. I was going to make more bows that could be interchangable and sell them as a package. As I'm looking for my sewing needles I can't seem to find them. It was very frustrating as there's only one spot I ever put them in. I got to the point where I decided if I couldn't find them, then I'd be able to accomplish nothing. I was almost to the point of tears because I wanted to so badly have a productive evening. I decided to just pack everything back up and put it away. Brought my laptop into the bedroom to check in on twitter (still trying to figure out that craziness), email, etc. As I'm sitting here, my husband is in the living room and holds something up and calls my name. Wouldn't you know it was my package of sewing needles?! I asked him where they were and apparently they were sitting right on the table on the dish that the candle sits on. I must have put them there without even realizing when I was pulling everything out. OH the joy of being a woman, an emotional woman... an emotional, pms, woman at that! So now that I'm past my frustrations, I'm turning in for a good night's sleep and a morning stint at the gym. I will try again with the bows tomorrow evening.


  1. You must have taken lessons from me! You have know idea how much I can relate to this. I use my crafting as a way to relax but the moment I have deadlines because of craft shows or special orders it seems like everything falls apart. I think that is why I have been so reluctant to put my things in my ETSY shop, even though I have people asking for my handbags. I work full time too so it adds to the stress. It does get overwhelming at times. I just have to stop and take some deep breaths. Hang in there!
    xxoo, Susan

  2. Best of luck with your bow making adventures! I'm sure you'll find time. Just take it. Set aside a couple of hours each night of the week or one or two nights... just grab and go make your pretty bows.