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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Lesson Learned Today

Well today's attempt to sell at a craft fair gave way to a couple of lessons learned! I decided to share a space with a friend (check out her beautiful jewelry at www.alisajewels.com). Last I checked the calendar, it was the middle of May... Well, today's overcast/windy weather forced temperatures to stay within the 50's. We seemed to be the only ones on the grounds prepared for the weather. Not only did we have a canopy, but our canopy had WIND walls! :-) Everyone that came into our tent had a positive comment about our tent. Thank goodness, because it only took us twenty minutes to figure out how to and complete attachment of the walls, only to realize we attached it upside down. Hence why it was flapping all over the place. Five minutes later, wind walls were in place and secured correctly. Lesson #1: The wind walls will go with tent canopy wherever I go!

As everyone is set up and we're looking around at the other vendors we notice that most vendors are selling older items (their own junk).... only to realize we are at a craft fair and YARD SALE. Everyone there is looking for a bargain. Lesson #2: Only set up shop at a craft fair that has crafters ONLY!! No more craft fair/flea market combos for these girls.

Six hours is quite a bit of time to spend at an event. I was so stressed about having enough inventory for the event, I forgot to think about keeping myself fueled with some sort of food. I brought a bottle of water and a snack. Thankfull Alisa was nice enough to share her sandwich with me. Lesson #3: Prepare food for the day of the event.

So all in all, I sat in the freezing cold (ok, not FREEZING), worked hours and hours on bows recently only to make about $30 total ($5.00/hour)... Woo hoo! Better luck next time I guess!


  1. WindWalls, I hadn't heard of those. Are they available on line? Could you post a link? :) Thanks!

  2. Absolutely! I got my wind walls at Wal Mart. Here's a link I found. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=8486791&findingMethod=rr

    It is called a wind curtain. I had purchased the tan canopy pop up tent. And decided to get the walls in case it rained to protect our products. I am SO glad I bought this item!!

  3. I have had similiar experiences...I don't do fairs anymore at all!