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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What we do for cute shoes....

Why is it that when you go to try on shoes at the shoe store they fit, you walk around a little bit to see if they are comfortable.... they are. So you proceed to the check out line. You wear them the first time and they aren't too bad. You figure you're just breaking them in because they're new. You wear them out to a bar one night... OMG they are killing your feet and you sit down most of the night. You figure it's because at work, you are sitting down most of the day, not standing. Then you go to wear them because they match your outfit SO well, and they are just such adorable shoes you want to wear them! The morning starts off ok. Hobbling out of the gym already at 8 am? Must be because I'm carrying a full gym bag up a hill through the parking lot. Get to work... I'm sitting, phew! My left pinky toe is a bit smushed, no big deal. My right big toe hurts because I'm 92% sure I broke it a while ago and it has yet to heal. As I continue to dance so crookedly around my office throughout the day I'm wondering why I torture myself so. Then as co-workers ask if I'm feeling ok because I'm hunched over and limping while I walk, my response is well..... this and that hurts, but these shoes are just so cute! When will I learn??


  1. It is worth it for the right shoes. My trick is to buy them at the end of the day, my feet are swollen by then so after work is perfect for shopping!

    FYI: you asked about putting up multiple photos, if you just click "add another image" it will give you space for another photo. you can do it multiple times.

    Where is the photo of the new shoes?

  2. Thanks Alina! The shoes aren't so new anymore... just cute. I will have to take a picture and post. lol Although I won't be getting back into them any time soon.