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Friday, May 15, 2009

Why is it that....

We attach ourselves to characters in a show as if we know them personally?? If you have not yet watched the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy... I suggest you go to another blog now, and come back when you have watched it. I don't want to get blamed for ruining the ending for anyone. However, I NEED to get this out there because It is almost 12 hours later and I am STILL thinking about it. If anyone used to watch the series "Friends", you'll know what I mean by this. You get so into a show and their characters you feel like you know them, or are even part of the show. You gossip about them to friends that are also as obsessed as you are about them. And the gossip seems real as if you're talking about real people. Well this is how I've grown over the years to feel about Grey's Anatomy. I have not been as into a show since Friends was on. I absolutely adore the characters and their story lines. So now onto Grey's.... This year, when I read in the tabloids that Katherine Hiegl no longer wanted to be part of the cast, I was bummed. But as soon as she started seeing Denny... I knew it was going to be cancer. And I was right. I've been so enveloped in her story... crying almost every week... especially in the beginning because I could relate it to my own personal story with a friend and it just hit too close to home.

So that brings us to the Season Finale, and reports that Katherine Hiegl had a change of heart and wanted to stay a little longer, but that she had no idea what was written in the script for Izzy. So George all of a sudden enlists in the army. I then realized TR Knight had wanted off the show as well. I figured that's how he was leaving. Then with Izzy and the surgery, everything was going as I expected with the show. The last 10 minutes of the show completely blew me away when John Doe started writing 007 in Meredith's hand and she realized that the John Doe who was hit by the bus was George. Chills ran all through my body!! I was in complete shock. Then he and Izzy flat lining at the same time. Izzy in her prom dress in the elevator. Of course I expected the elevator to open to denny on the beach, but no... It was George in his military uniform. I out loud said "Oh no" and went into a waterfall of tears!! Then my husband said I'm no longer allowed to watch those shows. I can't help it. I'm just so drawn in. I love it. I was so wound up and dumbfounded by the last ten minutes that I tossed and turned while hubby slept soundly. How does a show do that to someone and end at 1100 at night like that?! The only positive that allowed me to chill out and get some sleep was the fact that they did not call time of death on either character. Obviously next season will open with us finding out exactly what happened. My prediction is that Izzy will pull through, and George will not. I do hope that is the case rather than losing both of them. But what amazing writing to end a season like that! Wow....

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